illustrations from Gente Menuda

An overview of the illustrators of the 1930s Spanish children’s magazine Gente Menuda From the collection of Museo ABC in Madrid and with great thanks to curator Felipe Hernández Cava and my friend Alfonso Melendez Carlos Masberger, 1931 These images come from an exhibit curated by Felipe Hernández Cava for Museo ABC on Gente Menuda, which first appeared in 1904 as a children’s supplement of Blanco y Negro. Its heyday occurred from the early 1930s up until the Spanish Civil War and this post focuses on those years. I’m also working on separate posts to highlight the work of Carlos Masberger, Felix Alonso, and Piti Bartolozzi. Curator Felipe Hernández Cava is also one of Spain’s best comic strip writers, starting out in the El Cubri collective. Much gratitude to the ABC Museum staff for sending the catalog of the exhibit. Alfonso Melendez, who introduced me to this world of illustration, shows a lot of his own work and the work of his brother, illustrator Francisco Melendez, on his Facebook page. Carlos Masberger, 1933 Carlos Masberger, 1935 Enrique Climent, 1931 Enrique Climent, 1931 Enrique Climent, 1931 Antonio Barbero, 1931 Felix Alonso, 1931 Felix Alonso, 1931 Felix Alonso, 1930 Piti Bartolozzi, 1932 Piti Bartolozzi, 1932 Piti Bartolozzi, 1933 Salvador Bartolozzi, 1930 Salvador Bartolozzi, 1930 Francisco López Rubio, 1935 López Rubio was a major force behind the publication, illustrating most of its covers, which can be seen in an earlier post. Echea, 1933 Echea, 1931 Areuger, 1934 Carlos Tauler, 1930 Hortelano, 1933 Hipolito Hidalgo de Caviedes, 1930 Viera Sparza, 1935 Viera Sparza, 1935 Pedro Antequera Azpiri, 1928 ATC, 1931 ATC, 1932 Gente Menuda cover Some of the artists of Gente Menuda: Felix Alonso (sometimes F.A.G.) Areuger (Gerardo Fernandez de la Reguera Aguilera) A.T.C. (Angeles Torner Cervera) Pedro Antequera Azpiri Antonio Barbero Piti Bartolozzi (Francisca) Salvador Bartolozzi Bellon (Antonio Bellon Uriarte) Enrique Castillo Enrique Climent Echea (Enrique Martinez de Tejada y Echevarria) Hipolito Hidalgo de Caviedes Hortelano (Enrique Hortelano Martinez) Francisco Lopez Rubio (1895–1965) Carlos Masberger (1902-1969) Francisco Ramirez Montesinos Antonio Orbegozo Serny (Ricardo Summers Isern) Viera Sparza Carlos Tauler (sometimes Polito) This post first appeared on March 25, 2014 on 50 Watts


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