Eva Bednářová, illustrations

Illustrations by Eva Bednářová for ‘Pohádky’ (Fairy Tales) by Olga Scheinpflugová (Prague, 1971) From my earlier post “Button Tales”:Eva Bednářová (1937–1986) was a prolific Czech illustrator who won both BIB and IBBY awards (major illustration awards). I haven’t found a bio for her in English, but this Czech page includes a bibliography, a photo, and two amazing images (I want whatever books they come from) [April 2014 update: they come from this book!]… I think just one book featuring Bednářová’s work made it into English: Chinese Fairy Tales (Artia 1969, 1970s in English on Amazon). For the same Artia fairy tale series, she illustrated stories by Perrault and d’Aulnoy in 1978 (cheap French reprint here; will feature it someday) and stories from Tibet in 1974. And about the author, from wikipedia: “Olga Scheinpflugová (1902–68) was a Czech actress and writer. She was a daughter of the writer, journalist and playwright Karel Scheinpflug. In 1935, she married the writer Karel Čapek.” (I look forward to learning more about her.) from the cover (my copy is worn and dirty) illustrated boards I just wound up with a bunch more illustrated books by Czech artists — Hoffmeister, Pacovska, Serych, Fuka, Stepan, Bednarova, etc. I promise to share some scans before they get absorbed into the hoard. Until then, revisit the archives for more Czech books. This post first appeared on April 2, 2014 on 50 Watts


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