Vintage French Movie Posters

La Grande Illusion, c.1946
signed: Bernard Lancy


These reproductions are from expired auction listings at The dates range from 1927 to 1981 with many posters from the 1940s.

Fantômas, 1932
artist unknown

Fantômas, 1947
artist: Jacques Fourastie

The Lodger, 1944
artist: Roger Jacquier Rojac

The Killers, 1964
artist: Guy Gérard Noël

Beauty and the Beast, 1946
artist: Jean-Denis Malclès

Eyes Without a Face, 1960
artist: Jean Mascii

Eyes Without a Face, 1960
artist: Jean Mascii

Earth Versus the Flying Saucers, 1956 artist: Georges Kerfyser

Godzilla, 1956
artist: A. Poucel

Wages of Fear, 1953
artist: Rene Ferracci

The Maltese Falcon, 1941
artist unknown

The Big Sleep, 1946
artist: Vincent Cristellys

Casablanca, 1940s
artist: Pierre Pigeot

Notorious, 1946
artist: Pierre Segogne

Scarlett Empress, 1934
artist: Roger Vacher

The Birds, 1963
artist: Boris Grinsson

The Stranger, 1945
artist: Clement Hurel

The Mysterious Rider, 1927

The Mysterious Island, 1929

Bird of Paradise, 1932
artist: Bernard Lancy

The Big Clock, 1948
artist: Boris Grisson

Miracle in Milan, 1951
artist: Boris Grinsson

Six in Paris, 1965
artist: Folon

More Folon on 50 Watts

Stalker, 1981
artist: Folon


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