portfolio of lithographs by Carlos Mérida (1940)

From “Carnival in Mexico,” by Carlos Mérida (1940)

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Bio from wikipedia:

Carlos Mérida (1891 – 1984) was a Guatemalan artist who was one of the first to fuse European modern painting to Latin American themes, especially those related to Guatemala and Mexico. He was part of the Mexican muralism movement in subject matter but less so in style, favoring a non-figurative and later geometric style rather than a figurative, narrative style. Mérida is best known for canvas and mural work, the latter including elements such as glass and ceramic mosaic on major constructions in the 1950s and 1960s. [cont. reading]

Scans via Mexico Ilustrado 1920-1950 and Mexico and Modern Printmaking: A Revolution in the Graphic Arts, 1920-1950.

This post first appeared on May 6, 2014 on 50 Watts

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