Květa Pacovská for ‘Karlička a bílý koník’

Květa Pacovská 1968

Illustrations by Branka Jurcová (Brno, 1968)


I haven’t featured Květa Pacovská in four years though I’ve been steadily amassing her books. Here’s a fun one from 1968. See all posts of her illustrations here.

Květa Pacovská was born in 1928 in Prague, where she still lives and works. She began her career as an illustrator in the fifties, specializing in object books, three-dimensional tactile works and illustrations of children’s stories. A sense of playfulness is an essential characteristic of her work. Her works include bizarre collages, mirrors and superimpositions of different kinds of paper, cut-outs capable of generating ever new characters and stories, as in the miniature theatre of Midnight Play. Her illustrations are immediately recognizable for the use of bold, saturated colors without nuances, a dense style and almost childlike use of lines. Her passion for geometric and abstract shapes is often based on the use of linguistic signs, as in Alphabet in which letters and numbers merge with her creatures. One of her latest works is Unfold/Enfold, an elegant fold-out object book that features unexpected pop-up pages and explosions of colour. [Bologna Book Fair bio]













Please visit the archives for Czech books illustrated by Hoffmeister, Pacovska, Serych, Stepan, Bednarova, and friends.

This post first appeared on May 20, 2014 on 50 Watts


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