’60’s & ’70’s LP cover art

The Music and Songs from Hair

In Hollywood

The Nashville Sound of Boots Randolph

Velvet Voices and Bold Brass (1969)

The Original 50’s and 60’s

Together (1969)

When My Dreamboat Comes Home

Sweet, Sad & Salty

Soul (1969)

Butterfly Airs (1977)

Greatest Hits of the 60’s (1974)

Happy Rhythms and Rhymes (1971)

Lightin’! (1977)

The Sylvania Challenge (1972)

Thirteen (1972)

Rubber Duckie

Children’s Introduction to Classical Music

Those Were the Days (1969)

String Quartet in G Minor

Themes From Great Motion Pictures (1966)

Capitol Records Sampler (1968)

Symphony No. 1

The Great Popular Hits (1968)

Party Squares

Stars and Bars

Ocean’s Eleven

Dmitri in Paris

Hairy Krishna


These Boots Are Made For Honkin’

To The Max

Instrumental Versions of Bob Dylan Favorites (1966)


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