Month: April 2017

unfinished tarot

The Incomplete Tarot are a set of illustrated cards, Major Arcana, of 21 characters plus The Fool.

It is a work in progress project since 1997, constantly changing and overhaul; here for the first time in its closest phase to the final one.

Started as a set of “space” cards, designed and handmade watercoloured with the tints of the portuguese “azulejos”, this set of tarot, is the evolution and the mark of time of author’s taste.

Some of the original drawings have been lost during various vicissitudes and the same remaining boards, are kept in a Time Capsule. Therefore, along with the finished boards are combined here even those drafted, awaiting a future revision.

I hope this incomplete project may be of interest and inspiration for the creation of others, more daring.

the Author

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