Month: June 2013

Abducted by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, 1951

by Cory Doctorow




Illustrator Al Feldstein was divinely inspired to paint this piece of pastafarian religious artwork for the cover of the July, 1951 issue of Weird Tales, decades before the Flying Spaghetti Monster was revealed to the rest of humanity. Truly, he is a prophet! A 2005 artist’s replica of the painting sold at auction in 2008. (via Bonniegrrl)

Jack Kirby double-spreads

by Cory Doctorow



Zack sez, “Why is Jack Kirby so often called ‘The King’ of comics? This Flickr page, compiling dozens and dozens of his double-page splashes from the 1970s, including sequences from 2001, the New Gods books, Kamandi, the Demon and more, provide a pretty compelling argument — pop art masterpieces, one after the other.”